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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 18, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> next on fox 29 brand new developments in the search for a man pennsylvania state troopers say killed one of their own. now on the 10 most wanted list. >> the prank that sent a carload of kids to the hospital. what they lit fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> tonight, finally some answers for a local family. >> it's hard when you don't you're not going to get that call.
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>> murdered in her own home. police say they found her kill killer. >> a dog makes it thousands of miles away. now gidget is coming home. what fox 29 found out about her journey back. >> breaking news in the hunt for a state trooper's killer. roads in pike county are blocked off and area residents have been evacuated as police continue to search for this man eric frein. late today he was asked to the fbi's most wanted list. the alleged gunman ambushed two state troopers on friday night killing one. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. police are centering their semple ron his parent's home at this hour. a shelter is open for residents in the area. 20 miles away from the blooming grove barracks where police say frein ambushed corporal brian dixon and trooper alex douglas friday much police say a resident in the area found frein's vehicle partially submerged in the pond and they say it had evidence linking him to the shootings. state arrest warrants charge the
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31 year old with homicide. homicide of a law enforcement officer. and attempted murder among other things. the fbi's involvement now allows authorities to cover far more ground. >> this will allow us to search in any state, territory or the possession of the united states and along with our extensive international relationships we now have made the world where he could hide a very very small place. >> officials stress they consider frein armed and dangerous. they say he's a survivalist who hates police. frein is the 503 place to be placed on the fbi's most wanted fugitive list. all schools in the will remain closed again tomorrow. >> emotional farewell. we will take you to today's touching tribute to corporal brian dixon. >> more breaking news right now. this out of florida. police say a man has shot and killed six of his grandchildren. his daughter then himself.
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police say the man was 51 year old don spirit and side a home in the city of bell. the children range in age from three months to 10 years. police say some people at the home did survive. >> happening now, police talking to more people in connection with that attack on a gay couple. you have seen the video of the people cops want to talk with. they are accused of taking part in a savage beating of two men a week ago in center city. tonight investigators are getting two very different versions of what may have happened. fox 29's chris o'connell is live at central detective that is night. chris? >> reporter: that's right, iain. for the past two days, philadelphia police detectives have been questioning the men and women involved and who were present during that assault of two gay men in center city last week. some of those witnesses coming here to central detectives their attorneys are claiming self-defense was it an assault or a street fight? that's what philadelphia police are trying to figure out.
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>> one by one, the men and women being sought by investigator it's are coming to tell their side of the story. >> i think the evidence will show that there are clear toll sides to this incident. >> reporter: defense attorney hired by one of the men being investigated says what happened last thursday on 16th and chancellor was not fueled by hate or homphobe ya. two men who we are not identifying are still recovering from injuries including a broken jaw, black eyeing and bloody notices. they told fox 29 the group of at least a dozen men and women attacked them after hurling homophobic slurs but some say that's not the whole story. >> what the led will show was that both sides here were involved in a mutual altercati altercation, that it turned bad obviously. >> reporter: in the meantime city councilman james kenny is falling for a federal investigation by the department of justice. >> it's appalling that this stuff happens in 20 frein.
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>> reporter: since the pennsylvania hate crime law doesn't cover sexual orientati orientation, kenny is hoping the feds may see it differently. >> you should be able to walk out of your house go get a pizza and not come back with your jaw wired for two months because of who you are. >> reporter: now, police have told us there's yet another video of this melee that has not been released. we can tell you more people are expected in here for questio questioning. there's still a lot of interviews police tell us to be done before any charges are filed. lucy. >> all right, thank you very much, chris. a developing story right n now. new information on a sweeping cyber attack. home depot says hackers may have accessed 56 million credit and debit cards in a data breach between april and this month. the company says it has eliminated the malware behind the attacks and completed major security improvements. target's breach last year led to falling sales. so far home depot hacking attack has yet to impact its business. >> new york city police are
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ramping up security they say a blog is now encouraging lone wolf terrorists in the us to attack times square with pipe bombs. critical response vehicles are heavily armed counter terrorism police are standing guard but police say they've got no specific information. point to go an actual terror plot against the city. president obama says a vote from congress to authorize arming and training syrian rebels shows the world that americans are united in combating isis. the president spoke at the white house this evening shortly after the senate gave its approval he said again u.s. troops will have a combat roll on the ground in iraq in syria. isis militants released new images showing a british journal list they're holding hostage. he work for several british newspapers. isis terrorists captured him in syria nearly two years ago. militants beheaded two u.s. journalists and a bread tissue aid worker and threatening to kill another british hostage. >> delaware county man locked up
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tonight. he's accused of murders his ex-girlfriend inside her upper darby home. police say the investigation took them to florida and back. >> but now they're saying they have a killer off the streets. fox 29's sabina kuriakose has been speaking with the victim's sister tonight. sabina. >> reporter: the victim's family tells me they've been waiting for this day since their loved one was killed last month. they say they are happy the man they believe murdered her is behind bars tonight. >> very fearful for her life when he stole her car. he keyed her car. he cut up her clothes. >> she recalls last months of her sister's life. 38 year old griffin was murdered in her emerson avenue home by this man 3884 old did he shea lowry her he can boyfriend and the man her sister said she lived in fear of. police superintendent michael chitwood announcing thursday lowry has been extradited from florida where he allegedly fled and now stands charged with her murder. authorities believe he strangled griffin with phone cord on august 1st after years of
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domestic abuse. her body was found three days later. police say she had taken out five protective orders against lowry the latest just a month before her murder. >> this guy is a violent guy. got a criminal history back to 1995. >> when you lose someone you're close to and used to talking to daily it's hard when you don't hear their voice any more. you're not going to get that call. >> police say he drove her car to florida where he slit his wrists and told authorities he found griffin dead the same day authorities found her body. police say they have more than physical evidence to prove his guilt her family hopes he will confess and spare them the pain of a long trial. >> terms of justice i feel it will be served. >> reporter: and griffin has a 10 year old daughter with lowry. she is being cared for by relatives. back to you. >> all right, sabina, thank you. chester county high school is on high alert after student comes down the enterovirus. the student attends unionville chadds ford high school. the student is not in school right now and will return --
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will not return until medically cleared. the enterovirus quickly spread across the nation mainly striking children. some parents are not too worried and now satisfied with how the district is handling it. >> they are taking precautions letting everyone know the parents do know about just keeping safe, washing your hands and things like that because viruses cannot be cured with antibiotics. >> the school district says it's taking extra steps to keep the school clean and urging parents to as always keep kids home from school if they're sick and doctors say the enterovirus is similar to the common cold. police in camden say they have arrested two men wante wanr a brutal attack on woman. 23 year old is charged with aggravated sexual assault and possession of a weapon. cops say he and 36 year old miguel nunez attacked the woman on monday night. miguel is facing similar charges. police say the woman is still being treated at cooper university hospital. >> the polls are now closed and the vote getting tallied in
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historic vote in scotland. more than three hadn't dread years of history hangs in the balance. scotts went to the polls to decide whether they were remain part of the united kingdom. officials don't expect results until midnight our time, and they predict voter turnout will set a record. the vote is expected to be clo close. scotland opened the voting to those as young as 16 and polls show most of the youngest voters want to stay in the united kingdom. >> we need the support from england that we get, like i think the fans as well. so vulnerable. we got no defense. >> i believe in a scotland that puts its people first rather than geo political ideas about being on the top table. >> white house also weighing in saying the administration hopes the united kingdom does stay to go. >> the iphone six goes on sale tomorrow and people are already lining up to be the first to get their hands on the new gadget.
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fox 29 in ardmore at suburban square whereas you can see a few dozen people waiting outside the apple store. there will be two versions released tomorrow. iphone six and iphone six plus. >> meg go super one. >> there won't be enough. any way -- >> have fun waiting. >> exactly. at least the weather will be nice. >> that's true. a winning 1 million powerball tick goes unclaimed. someone bought the winning ticket in fill al year ago tod today. >> isn't that sad. it is. >> expired, done. not worth a thing. but still check your pockets your wallets your purses anything you want there's a mega million dollars ticket worth $250,000 still valid, still unclaimed. someone bought it at the hanson news stan on the 3500 block of north broad street. so maybe that jogs your memory there. find it and you'll have until next friday to cash it in. the numbers you ask we got them for you. it matched the five white balls nine, 23, 27, 49, 51 but not the yellow mega ball which was 38.
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♪ >> fire engulfs a home trapping a disabled man. his frantic daughter calls for help. >> my house is on fire and my dad is in wheelchair and he's dead. >> two cops on the scene knew they could not wait. their her row rick move to get that man out alive. >> a dangerous prank sends this suv flying with five scenes inside. take look at the aftermath. why the sheriffs says it's because of armpit hair. >> watch how you smell. you could be breaking the law, yes. one town banning body odor. where you could get kicked out for being smelly. >> a philadelphia family dog missing for months found almost 3,000 milsey way. gidget's incredible story and the nationwide effort to get her home. scott? >> iain, right now the weather authority continuing to monitoring below average temperatures. how chilly it gets tonight and when to expect that warmup. we'll talk about it coming up when to expect that warmup. we'll talk about it coming up along with our
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police barrack last friday. ♪ >> reporter: dixon's wife and the couple's two young boys followed behind the cassette as it was carried through saint peter's cathedral. one of his close friends and colleagues corporal derek feldman spoke proudly of his late body. >> it is only fitting for the man with a the spirit of a warrior and the heart of a lion to be honored and recognized in the way that he will forever be remembered. >> reporter: the manhunt continues for the suspect 31 year old eric frein, corporal feldman says they will do their part and fight for justice. >> i promise you that we will carry on the fight of good versus evil, a fight you fought so courageously and selflessly up until your last day here on earth. >> dixon was husband, father, brother, us marine, penn state grad and now he's listed as the knifeth pennsylvania state police trooper to die in the line of duty.
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>> my heart breaks for that family. those two young children. senseless act. >> commissioner frank noonan told dixon's courageous wife tiffany her family has their support. >> you are in all of our hearts all right part of our family. we will be with and your family forever whether you like it or not. >> reporter: several memorial funds have been set up for corporal brian dixon and his family. for information on that head to in scranton jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> this video right here what you're looking at is a gunman holding up a grocery store north philadelphia. police hope what you see here will lead to the arrest of this man and his accomplice. it happened on west allegheny avenue monday. as the robber pulled out gun the -- and got money another one was outside standing watch. at least one customer walked in as it was happening. if you know anything that might help catch these two, call philadelphia police.
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>> it's live in pri season for a newlywed couple who lured a man they met on craigslist and then killed him in pennsylvania. 19 year old miranda barber and her 22 year old husband will not be eligible for parole. the two plead guilty to strangling and stabbing 42 year old troy ferrara last year. the judge told the couple that their permanent removal from society is a appropriate. >> more coming up now about the doctor at the of joan rivers throat surgery. tmz says the doctor is denying report she took a selfie with rivers before rivers went into cardiac arrest. the website also reports the doctor works with other celebrities including lady gaga and celine dion. tm seem says the doctor was not authorized to practice at yor yorkville end scope. that doctor is keeping a low profile. she may have even skipped town for awhile. honors tonight for five of members of camden county police
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force. >> we're lucky enough to escape injury and able to make arrests and take that dangerous person off the street. >> thethe officers were recognid for their bravery and their ability to face down a violent criminal been him to justice. >> little lost dog from huntington that somehow end up across the country homing home but not before grab be headlines around the world. >> her name is gidget and her story is like a disney movie, happy ending and all. right around easter of this year gidget got lost somehow some way the little jack russell terrier turned up five months later, 2700 miles away in oregon which is near portland. how did she get over there? that is a million dollar question, of course, but the shelter that put out the word about gidget thinks someone thought she was a stray took her in and traveled with her to oregon.
10:19 pm
two key things are behind gidget's upcoming reunion with her family. >> gidget is about to go home soon, and all because of a good samaritan who brought her to us and micro chip that worked. >> micro chips key. the own are in kept her micro chip information up to date. the little dog is coming back to huntington. in the next day or so thanks to that micro chip company pet link gives gidget and her pennsylvania familiar until disney ending that is so good. i mean, it's so key getting your animals micro chipped. it's completely key. look how helpful it was. >> debbie i was talking to her on the phone i tracked her down and she's getting calls from the netter land, london, new york. the list goes on. if you see an animal that is stray, don't just take it. bring it to your shelter that's nearest to that animal. exactly. good advice. >> chief meteorologist scott williams is tracking a chilly night ahead. >> that's right. temperatures iain and lucy will be dropping right now 65 degre
10:20 pm
65 degrees. but depending on your locate especially north and west, you could be waking up to numbers in the upper 30s and low and mid 40s but take look at the coldest air still in can in a dan the coldest for the lower 48. it's going to be moving into the northern sections of new engla england. that's where frost and freeze advisories and warnings have been posted so plunging temperatures there for us we're looking at the coolest air north and west so as we watch how the temperatures play out tonight, you can see by tomorrow morning, they dip into the low 40s for allentown. mid 40s in pottstown. upper 30s for parts of the pock know mountains, but right along i-95, and then as you move into south jersey, sections of delaware we're looking at temperatures in the 50s. mid 50s for most. wake up weather tomorrow morni morning. so 55 degrees in the city. 46 degrees in the suburbs. it will be a mostly clear and cool start. but if you don't like the cool conditions, there's a weekend warmup on the way and also we'll talk about our next rain chance
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coming up with the seven day. iain and lucy. >> see you then. surveillance cameras catch an tack on bus but it's what's happening behind it that has a lot of people mad. what these people are busy recording instead of stepping in to help. >> an interesting story about a pennsylvania man lonely looking for friend. >> the bizarre lengths went for a bit of company that landed him in jail. >> it's like a plot out of a popular movie. spiritual medium who claims she can see dead people. >> i'll close my eyes and then i'll tap into the person and i coof just breathe them in. i'll tap into the person and i coof just breathe them in. >> her cryptic message
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guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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♪ >> police are hoping to find a man a witness saw with a missing university of virginia student the night she disappeared. police say the witness came forward last night after two more grain 93 surveillance videos came to light showing hannah graham at a mall near the campus. that mall is the last place the 18 year old was seen friday night. police say she attended an off campus party she was drinking and she may have become lost. friends held a bring hannah home vigil on campus tonight. >> ohio man is brutely beaten on crowded metro bus in cincinnati. surveillance video shows what appears to be an argument. 23 year old man video taping it bit then stops to break it up. that's police say group of people began to charge at him. cops say they punched him in the face and stomped and kicked him on the ground. the whole time people in the
10:25 pm
back of the bus are recording with cell phones. his jaw was broken in two places and several of his teeth were knock out. >> they really didn't know why they did it. one said because everybody else was doing it. i don't think that they know. >> grand jury indicted three people including two teens in connection to the attack. they will appear in juvenile court on monday for hearing to determine if they will be tried as adults. >> a wildfire burning out of control in northern california has a man behind bars tonight on $10 million bail. authorities say wayne huntsman sent the fire east of sacremento on purpose. it has exploded through 100 square miles forcing almost 3,000 people from their homes. california's three-year drought has timber and grasses bone dry. nearly 7,000 firefighters are right now battling 10 major wildfires throughout the state. >> in texas a man in a wheelchair alive thanks to the bravery of three police office officers.
10:26 pm
>> they race to do his home after a frantic call to 911. >> somebody help! my house is on fire and my dad is in whole chair and he's in bed. >> the officers broke 66 year old john sour's bedroom window aft seeing him lying on the floor. they all worked together to pull you will him out and they say the fire was intense. >> the smoke is -- burns your eyes. it burns your lung. you can't -- you can't do anything in it. so we were, um, basically taking turns pulling, getting out, trying to get fresh air. going back in and pulling some more. >> sour is in good condition tonight. police say he suffered smoke inhalation and has minor cuts and bruises. firefighters arrived a few minutes after the officers and quickly got the flames under control. investigators are now looking into what started the fire. >> what would you do if this guy road right at your car? he is creating chaos on busy city streets with his tricks. why he says any potential crash,
10:27 pm
oh, that's your fault. plus -- >> this is to all you haters out there. >> she is fast becoming a youtube sensation battling a debilitating disease. youtube sensation battling a debilitating disease. how she'it's on?a taylor
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>> a woman is fighting for her life after being stabbed inside a south philadelphia employment agency. police say the victim helped ex-cons find work. the woman then walked and stumbled to the hospital but then took a turn for the report. >> she's a person who helped a lot of people. >> reporter: the police crime tape in front of 2340 broad street barely hinted at the violence played out inside. even upstairs residents of the building were unaware of what had happened. >> i didn't hear anything. >> reporter: nothing at all. >> that's terrible. >> reporter: police say a african-american hair with his corn rows believed in his mid 30s entered trinity staffing services around 9:15am asked for job and was told there were no
10:31 pm
openings. it's believed business owner caroline bass so franklin asked the man to fill out an plick. he became angry pulled a knife and stabbed merry pottiedly in the chest. he made off with her purse. she stumbled across broad street to methodist hospital and was sent to jefferson. >> would give people a chance. mainly a lot of guys that i know of they like ex offende offendee gives people opportunities to work legally and -- >> get back on their feet. >> take care of they family. >> franklin is a member of the faith independent baptist church. well liked by her business neighbors on south broad. >> nice lady. >> yes, very nice. >> reporter: any problems here before? >> no. >> reporter: any kind of violence or nothing. >> past four years. i haven't even heard an argument upstairs. >> the attacker on the loose described as a dark skinned african-american manhattan about
10:32 pm
5-foot five, 5-foot six, corn rows a goatee last seen wearing a blue hoodie. police scowering broad street for security camera video. there was camera mounted on the wall of methodist hospital across the street but it appears a tree block the view of trinity staffing. in the newsroom, bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> the berks county drug task force has above add marijuana growing operation. police seized more than 635 marijuana plants from a home in district township. they are right now looking for the homeowner. they arrested the second person. police say they found more than 540 marijuana plant cuttings in that man's car during a traffic stop. >> people who promote new york as bike friendly city probably didn't have this in mine. he is nonose city streets as the b.d blocks a 23 yeared dare definitely cyclist. if you've never heard of him you may have seen him doing stunts and tricks weaving in and out of traffic while being videoed by
10:33 pm
friends. >> a lot -- a lot of the stuff you're doing putting people in danger at risk. how do you respond to that. >> i don't know. that's they business. >> you don't think you're a hazard to the drive. i know what i'm doing. if you come to me you should when i'm going. >> he's a bike messenger when he's not doing when he willies on city streets and highways. >> one woman calls it a spiritual gift but you might find it a little unneverring. she is an ordained minister who claims she can tell you about what's coming your way. she says she can open see dead people. kind of like long island mode yum. fox's cheryl, develops no her world. >> i see dead people. >> in your dreams? >> walk it around like regular people. >> it's a hollywood depictions intensified for dramatic effect.
10:34 pm
>> i'd like to shuffle the cards few times because i like to clear the energy from the car. >> charlotte bates ordained minister says she can see spirits people who have passed on. >> when i close my eyes and remove the distraction and tap in i can actually sense not only you but all of the energies around you. you've got big choice that is are coming up for you. >> she uses tarot cards as a tool to see and interpret the signs. the happenings of what she calls the spiritual route. >> one of things i do that is unique i pull a card from the bottom of desk and it basically tells me what's going on with that person's life. >> it all starred when she was girl growing up in new york. she had what some call a gift. >> i've got this girl that's coming out the wall and she's carrying a huge box i have to walk into her and she has to walk in to me. when i turn around she's not there. my mother was smiling and nodding and asking a lot of questions, and then within a
10:35 pm
week i was in a sling's office. >> the images didn't stop. she stride to shut them down. shutting down to fit in lasted long time. i developed a passion for tarot when i was about 16 because i realized that i could actually turn on my intuition when i had a deck of cards in my hand and turn it off when i put them aw away. >> as an adult things changed. she embraced her so-call gift with gust tow. >> all of a sudden i was, um -- you know, tapping into people's futures. i predicted winning lotteries. i predicted babies that were being born. people that didn't even want babies, you're having one. and they did. >> after years of training, gina is what some call master healer ordained minister psychic intuitive trainer. >> i'll close my eyes and i'll tap into the person. and i kind of just breathe them in. >> she breathes them in using these tools including tuning forks used for healing similar to accu punk which are.
10:36 pm
placed on the same pressure points of the body. >> we're actually just touching the points with sound. >> before i packed up all my stuff, gina had a message for me. >> you've got a grand parent that -- female grandparent that's very important to you whose hanging around you just so you know. >> cheryl brave more tells us gina believes we all have intuitivable. she offers classes. i'm not in the divine thing. >> neither am i. >> how about this. if you stink -- >> i'm not into this at all. >> you could be breaking the l law. a town banning body odor. where you can get kick out for being smelly. >> that law stinks. how about that? now i sound like howard. talk about paying it forward a guy fork over $1,000 cash to pick up customer's tabs. isn't that nice? how the fast food place paid him back. isn't that nice? how the fast food place paid him back. >> invention that
10:37 pm
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guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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♪ >> they say people do everything bigger in texas and here's an example. a chick-fil-a customer decided that pay it forward. the man known as john handed
10:40 pm
cashier a thus sand dollars after ordering his food to help serve 88 customers. gesture left everyone stunned. restaurant picked up the tab for the gentleman's meal. >> in your money tired of sitting at your desk all day? an inventor has a new way to keep you moving while you work called the hamster wheel standing desk. it's so cool. rob good shaw created because he said humans are not meant to sit at desks all day long. fully functioning desk keeps you moving at a slow pace but you can work. good shaw and his team are smooth out the details. no word when you'll be able to get your very own hamster wheel. could you imagine our newsroom with 20 of those out there. >> very weird. >> washington state watch how you smell or you could be in trouble with the law. >> you won't go to jail but you can get booted from public property. apartment new trespassing law cops can now remove people from
10:41 pm
public spaces if they smell quote unreasonably offensive to others. that could be anything from body odor to too much cologne or perfume. the law as you can imagine raising some concerns from the public. >> i'm honestly surprised that's law. >> some things you can't help. like baby. >> something you drink, something you ate. >> severe inn tock indication is a smell. >> police say they will not be sniffing around for offenders but and sift they will respond if citizens complain. in a statement the city says the law is aim at reducing disruptive, illegal and dangerous behaviors on public property. >> a carload of teens nasty wreck and cops say a prank caused the whole thing. what one passenger lit on fire that accept three friends to the hospital. >> firing cerebral palsy this teen is regularly the target of bullies. how she's using a taylor swift song to fight back inspire other. >> temperatures across the area
10:42 pm
are below average. but the typing of above ♪ discover the new spirit of cadillac. lease this 2014 ats for around $299 a month. we think you'll agree - it's a brand new cadillac.
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>> a prank with a lighter leads to serious car accident involving five teenagers much
10:45 pm
this happened early sunday in idaho. cops say the driver crash the suv after a front seat passenger lit the driver's armpit hair on fire with a loiter. two girls ages 15 and 16 were thrown from the ford bronco. 18 year old driver and two the boys remained inside. cops say they were not wearing seat belts. three of them had to go to the hospital. >> everyone is expected to be okay. the drive has been cited with inattentive driving. his passenger was cited for interfering with a driver. >> he was very lonely and company was only phone call away. the problem the number he dialed was 911. over and over again. it happened in western pennsylvania. authorities say gregory schaeffer made up all kinds of emergencies like he'd fallen so that paramedics were show up. prosecutors have charged the 52 year old with making false reports to authorities and he is in jail night. >> illinois teen sending a powerful message with her take on popular taylor swift song it's lighting up youtube much she's battling debilitating
10:46 pm
disorder and hopes to inspire others to shake off the hater. >> fox's lisa has her story. ♪ >> reporter: this is 18 year old dana. >> this is to all you haters out there. >> she was born with cerebral palsy. >> maybe my walking is weird to you and a little bit different than yourself but i've learned to embrace it. when i'm walking i learned to shake it off. >> taylor swift' song inspired her to show off her dance and walking skills to the world. >> i've gotten bullied because of it and i get people like all the time like staring and saying things. it's definitely made things difficult in my life. >> one day after such an incident, she got the idea to show people her uniqueness to one of her favorite songs. >> hey, i kind of shake the off when i walk so i can make something out of this, and maybe people will like it. >> and people are responding.
10:47 pm
she hopes when people see her shake the off, they will see who she truly is. >> people like to define me based on my dissable. people look at me that's the girl with cerebral palsily i would like people to look past that and say she's one of us. >> she's getting a lot of positive feedback. >> i have cerebral palsy and my own unique walk. thanks for sharing your great video and message. >> she hopes her video not only entertains but inspires others to think twice before you judge someone. >> it's okay to be yours and okay if you're different even if there's people that want to bully you and make fun of you to rise above that. ♪ >> love that. as lisa tells us, dana's hope for others with disabilities to see this and embrace who they are. >> good for her. rise above this, don't let other people define you. >> exactly. >> go from there. good for her.
10:48 pm
>> it inspires a lot mr. possible out there. >> let's get over to chief meteorologist scott williams. we a have chilly night coming up. >> inspiring. taste of fall early taste of fall, because of course we're not talking about the official start of fall until next monday night. the low this morning 56 in philadelphia. 74 was the high that's below the in many for this time of year which is 77 degrees. and as we look at temperatures right now it's still pretty comfortable mid askings in philadelphia but as we take look at the numbers right now, in this and west, already dropping into the 50's. 54 in pottstown. we have 55 right now in the pocono mountain. 57 in millville and upper 50s in atlantic city. but it could be colder. the coldest air is in northern new england frost and freeze advisories and watches have been posted there for some of the cold deaf air so far this season. by 6am it's going to be chilly north and west looking at temperatures in the low to mid 40s for allentown as well as pottstown. upper 30s in the pocono mountains. low to mid 50 50s along i-95 and
10:49 pm
low 60s down the shore. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures below average. upper 60s to perhaps low 70s in the philadelphia area. then saturday morning, a little milder. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s and by the afternoon on saturday, war looking at high temperatures in the upper 70s and once again that's normal for this time of year a couple of degrees above that in a few spots. satellite/radar pretty quiet. there is a weak cold front that's moving through. once again the coldest air northern new england as we watch how things play out. high pressure sets up shop for the day on your friday. so beautiful conditions. no weather concerns. and then that high moves out of here in time for the week toned give us a southwesterly wind. that's going to warm us up for the last weekend of summer. hard to believe that it's almost over. as we move into sunday morning we're still out ahead of that front. so we'll keep that southwest wind and even warmer conditions on sunday before that front arrives sunday night with the
10:50 pm
potential for few light showers. heavy rain continues in southern sections of new mexico moving into the lone star state. many locations have already picked up three to 7-inches of rain causing some flood concerns. for us tonight we're locking alt fair skies, cool conditions. 40s north and west. mid 50s for lows in the city and then moving ahead to tomorrow, sunshine feeling like fall. temperatures below average only 71 for the high. as we move into the upcoming weekend saturday warmer, 78 for the high temperature. looking good at the linc for the temple game and then what about low 80s for high testimony which is on sunday. a few more clouds will be moving in and then cooler by 10 degrees monday of neck week. as we start fall monday night and then you can see those temperatures iain and lucy stay in the low 70s pretty much all next week. back to you. >> thank you, scott. >> breaking news right now as we follow the search for the man suspected of killing a pennsylvania state trooper.
10:51 pm
roads around the home of the parents of 31 year old fugitive eric frein are now reopened. authorities had closed them for hours this evening as they tightened their dragnet for the man they say ambushed a state police barrack last friday. corporal brian dixon died. he was laid to rest today. and the fbi added frein to its most wanted list today. >> howard? >> the flyers kimmo timonen spoke today about his medical situation of blood clots and talks about the chances of playing again. and chip kelly has his moments when it looks locate the questions become redone dan. chip had one of those moments today. that's coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
>> eagles and redskins play a game everybody is waiting for. on the injury front one injury could affect the eagles. michael kendrick did not practice again today and he probably won't play on sun today. quarterback matchup this weekend
10:55 pm
interesting. we know foles will be the eagles quarterback. kirk cousins will start for the injured robert griffin ii. for the redskins but did you know that foles was at michigan state the one year with cousins before foles transferred to arizona? and they came out of the draft the same year. >> it's crazy but at that time kirk has always been extremely talented. always been extremely hard worker a great leader so it doesn't surprise me at all the success he's had. the success he had at michigan state and he's continued on and he was great teammate, you know, to me at michigan state and i know he's a great teammate to the redskins. so i'm really happy for him. >> and flyers defenseman kimmo timonen spent the first time since august when the doctors discovered he had blood clots that reached his lung. the reality being on blood thinners there's really a good chance he will not play again for the fliers. >> the phillies still on the west coast to sand ago. not good most of them haven't been this year.
10:56 pm
kyle kendrick. that's a homerun and it's throw hugh one right now in the sixth and that would be san diego. >> chip kelly has some interesting news conferences when he's tired of the same questions. it was another chip day today. chip kelly loosening up with josh huff into said he should definitely play by next week. but when the questions started his news conference with the michael kendricks injury the answers are the same from chip. >> can we get this out of the way. i'm never going to ask i don't care. just tell me if they can play or can't play. that's all i ever ask. i'm not a doctor. it's a grade 32. i don't know what that means. you don't know what that means. i don't care. i never ask those questions. >> chip kelly won't answer those question. question contribution of his offense came up again this year. that's distribution on his offense back in his days at oregon. >> here's what happened at oregon. we were up 50 points in lot of games so we threw the ball left and over i had that question last year a thus san times as
10:57 pm
you really emphasize a run. when the score is 50 to three at half time, we're not coming out in the second half and jacking the ball around. >> chip doesn't like the same questions. by the way, he doesn't reall rey talk to the doctors so he doesn't know and you shall by now he doesn't know. >> don't ask him any more. >> 32 grade. >> we're back here at 4:00 a.m. know that chasing performance can mean lower returns and fewer choices in retirement. know that proper allocation could help increase returns so you can enjoy that second home sooner. know the right financial planning can help you save for college and retirement. know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience with personalized guidance and online tools. visit a branch, call or go online today.
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11:00 pm
>> today on "tmz" -- >> miley cyrus is about to learn a hard lesson. in mexico, you do not put a mexican flag on your ass and get slapped with it. >> if you do, you go to the pokey. >> is it desecrating the flag to slap it on miley's butt though? >> that's the question. >> i'm pretty sure that happens at senor frogs all the time. [laughter] >> jason momoa at l.a.x. he's the manliest man. >> you're the only guy i have ever known that takes arrows on a flight dude. >> taking a bow and arrow. >> what does he do? >> is he going back to hawaii, because they bow hunt on the big island. >> i hve been on the big island. i have not seen any evidence of that. >> the four seasons doesn't have a hunting law. [laughter] >> chris brown and game are